Smarter Spending

Our national debt is obscene, immoral, and a tapeworm to growth.  Despite having the world's largest economy, we cannot afford a box of popcorn.  This is because our current priorities are out of line and unrealistic.  Defending us does not mandate over 800 military bases and facilities, with our military serving in 182 countries.  Join with me in reordering national priorities and spending proportionately.

Clean Energy

The U.S. must take leadership in blocking global warming.  Climate change is destroying the world we know.  Its effects are permanent.  At current rates of carbon emissions, our future on this planet will be unsustainable by 2100.  Our present is blighted already.  Even national security is undermined.  Join with me in moving to a “green” economy.

New Business

Our governments on all levels need to partner with private industry to develop and deploy non-fossil fuel for generating our energy needs.  This is inevitable.  Only the federal government can lead the way.  One result: a modernized electric-power grid.  The net result: new businesses and oceans of new jobs.  That’s U.S. leadership we would be proud of.

No Excuses

We don’t have the luxury of much time, folks.  Our national debt is a security threat.  At about 20.5 trillion, given rising interest rates and bigger deficits, it won’t get smaller.  G.O.O.D.  We must Get Out Of Debt.
Ocean levels have risen dangerously.  Frequent catastrophic weather events are now seasonal norms.  We cannot afford that.  CO2 levels in the troposphere keep rising; more methane is released every day.  The effects of these are cumulative.
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My Platform

Foster and fight for advancing these national priorities:
  1. Health and education (“the general Welfare”)
  2. Defense—intelligence, counter-terrorism, the military
  3. Arresting global-climate change
  4. Agriculture (emergency and climate-adaptation funds)
  5. Rebuilding infrastructure
  6. Scientific research and innovation (by various agencies)
  7. Running the federal government
  8. Arts
  9. Adjustments for displaced workers
  10. Relieving college-student debt
  11. Paying on the national debt
  12. Servicing the national debt
***Say the federal budget is one dollar ($1.00), 20 nickels.  In descending order of importance, how many nickels should we allocate to each of these priorities?  (Two or 2 ½?  One half or ¼?) Join with me in fostering—and fighting for—realistic, proportionate government spending.
Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger.  Join with me for Smarter Spending, Clean Energy, New Business, No Excuses.